At M&S Green Power, we are happy to serve our customers by providing quality building and design upgrades from three convenient office locations.

Los Angeles, CA

Conveniently located outside of Los Angeles, this is our most longstanding location.  This base of operations provides services to a large portion of the population located in the Southern California, west coast area.  Proudly serving the the San Fernando Valley as far south as San Diego through the areas surrounding Castaic Lake and the city of Ventura in the north, following the line of National Forests to the east.  Give our friendly professional team a call today to discuss your next project!

Fresno, CA

As the sister location to our Southern California office, our Fresno location provides Northern customers with the same great services provided by our company in Los Angeles.

Our knowledgeable staff of professionals is available to our customers that live primarily south of Sacramento, running south on Interstate 5, east of San Francisco and San Jose proper.  We are happy to schedule consultations for your projects anywhere north of Bakersfield and west of the Yosemite and Sierra National Forests.  Our major territory is from Pixley, CA to Stockton, CA and those surrounding areas.  Reach out to us today to have your green power questions answered!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

As part of an ongoing passion to serve as many customers as possible, our newest office, located in Florida, will tackle any of our design or build jobs in the southern half of the state.  Our territory expands from Miami in the south, to North Orlando and reaches from the west coast near Tamp to the east, including West Palm Beach.  Visit our services pages to see what M&S Green Power can do for you and your property today!