1. Why You Need to Get a Green Roof

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  2. How Posting of Energy Grades Will Affect Public Buildings

    The need to maintain the right energy levels is becoming more pronounced than ever. Both private and government agencies are agreeing to the benefit of maintaining acceptable energy grade levels for buildings. The city of New York is a pioneer in the implementation of a bill that requires 25,000 squ…Read More

  3. The Evolution of Smart Windows, Solar Panels and TVs

    Some remarkable achievement in the smart window industry is observed among some scientist who constructed smart windows that could control the rate at which light gets into a building. This means that smart windows reduces the cost of servicing cooling and heating systems. Notwithstanding the presen…Read More

  4. The Immense Benefit Available for Green Home Owners

    It’s no more news that each and every day, people are realizing the benefit of constructing a green house. Lawmakers and political leaders are constantly engaging with field engineers in understanding the potentials of limiting the emissions released by buildings. Just as mentioned in one of our b…Read More

  5. Solar Panels as an Energy Saving and His Advantages

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  6. How do solar panels perform during winter?

    The Grey to Green Conference is taking place in Toronto on the 4th and the 5th April in 2019 and will focus on highlighting the new policies and design practices in the green infrastructure sector. With the world focusing more on the greener solutions it is important to consider how you can take adv…Read More

  7. Choosing the Best Battery for a Solar Energy System

    Solar batteries serve as storage for the excess solar energy for use later. Thus, unless the connection is through a metering arrangement, it is important you purchase a good battery. Otherwise, are you planning to purchase a new battery for your solar panel system? There are different types and bra…Read More