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Welcome To M&S Green Power

The provision of bespoke services in the design of green buildings is our priority. We have a philosophy that revolves around our clients, which enables us to make valuable contributions to both individuals and the community at large. Our company values the need to provide the right combination of customer preference and trendy designs. Therefore, every project we handle experiences a professional touch. The level of dedication that we put into the work that we do, enables us to deliver projects that will be relevant and functional after a long while.

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Our clients need not bother about getting the best results, because we provide unique designs that fits perfectly with the desired custom functionality of every customer. By allowing professionals to take care of your project, our clients are guaranteed to have an enviable result that is reliable and worth the resource invested.Our services include the development of new structures or systems.

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M&S Green Power Energy & M&S Builders
18750 Oxnard St, Suite 403
Tarzana Ca 91356
License # 1038283
Toll-Free 855-931-3333
Hours 8:00-5:00 pm


M&S Green Power Energy & M&S Builders
1444 Fulton St
Fresno Ca 93721
License # 1038283
Toll- Free Number 855-931-3333
Hours 8:00-5:00 pm


M&S Green Power Energy & M&S Builders
515 E Olas, Suite 120
Ft.Lauderdale Fl 33301
License # CBC025147
Toll-Free Number 855-931-3333
Hours 8:00-5:00 pm

California License # 1038283

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